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  • 3 Tips For Creating More Unity Within Your Organization

    To have an effective company, you’ve got to have everyone on your team working together as one. Sadly, many businesses are more likely to create an atmosphere of competition and resentment than an atmosphere where everyone works together and collaborates to make a more successful company. But if you recognize that your business is going to be better off with a solid and supportive staff rather than a scheming staff, here are three tips that will help you create more unity within your organization.

    Make The Right Hiring Choices

    There are just some people out there who are naturally more competitive and others who are naturally more unifying. While people can fight against these natures, you might find it easier if you simply hire those who you can see fostering unity rather than creating divisions in your company. According to Ahmad Kareh, a contributor to Forbes’ Agency Council, you can ensure that you’re bringing on the right employees by stressing the values of your company and seeing how those values translate to the candidates you interview. If you think they will be beneficial in uniting your company, they could be a great hire for you to make now.

    Foster Environments For Community

    With the team you currently have, a great option for making everyone feel more unified, according to Jason Hoover, a contributor to Business2Community.com, is to build opportunities where your staff is in an environment to feel like a community. This can be done by starting initiatives like collaborative events, improving communication and connection, and holding celebrations where everyone feels at one. You could even create shirts for everyone to wear at the same time to further enhance the feeling of unity between members of your staff. The more chances you give people to feel united, the more unity you’ll be able to build together.  

    Be Careful With The Incentives You Offer

    While giving incentives might be a great way to increase certain aspects of productivity, Randi Hicks Rowe, a contributor to BizFluent.com, shares that some incentives do more to create separation between your staff rather than unity. Because of this, it’s important that you’re careful about crafting incentives that will increase feelings of unity as opposed to decreasing them. Some ideas you might want to try could include bonuses based on the performance of a whole group instead of individual bonuses. If people have to rely on the success of others within their group, it will help them to feel more united and be more willing to cultivate positive relationships together.

    If you want an organization that’s more united in their work and their common professional goals, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to better foster this type of environment within your company.