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  • 3 Tips To Help Your Staff Create A Better Work-Life Balance

    In order to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life, there has to be a certain amount of balance in each area of your life. And as a business owner, this includes being able to have employees who are willing to work hard for you but that also have the ability to live their own lives. But when so much of your life is consumed by your business, what can you do to ensure that your staff doesn’t necessarily feel all that same pressure and is able to avoid getting burned out when working for you? To help with this, here are three tips for creating more of a work-life balance for the members of your organization.

    Have A Good Work-Life Balance In Your Own Life

    One of the biggest contributing factors to your employees having a good work-life balance is the example that you set for them. If you yourself can’t show your employees that it’s possible to work hard during the day and then take some real time off work, they won’t feel like they can do those things either. According to Susan M. Heathfield, a contributor to The Balance Careers, you give your employees complicit permission to embrace a good work-life balance when they see you doing things like taking your own available PTO and treating that time as real time that you’re not doing any work. While this might be a challenge for you, it could have very positive impacts on your employees and the work they do while on the clock.

    Make Daily Exercise Easier

    An easy way you can help your employees feel like their lives are more balanced and they’re leading a healthy life is by putting more of an emphasis on their physical and mental health. To do this, Pingboard.com recommends taking steps to make daily exercise easier for everyone within your organization. This can be done by creating an exercise room at your place of business, offering free or discounted gym memberships to your employees, or setting up fitness benefits or challenges to your staff.

    Be Flexible and Open About Schedules and Time Off

    To have a good work-life balance, your employees have to feel like they’re able to have a life outside of work. By showing your employees that you understand that their lives and families are important, you can help them feel that their lives are more in balance. To do this, Alison Davis, a contributor to Inc.com, advises that you try to be more flexible with work schedules when necessary and that you become more open about time off policies.

    If you have a staff that seems unhappy and overworked, consider using the tips mentioned above to help encourage a better work-life balance within your organization.