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  • Only 3 Tools Required for Success

    Success leaves clues, but for many people those clues appear to be concealed in plain sight. I’m specifically addressing those people who look upon the business world with a bit of fear, citing the many failed attempts at business which have left many casualties in their wake as the source of their fear. I’m saying to you today that failure is something to be embraced in the world of business and you’d be harboring the type of blind luck lottery winners have if your very first attempt at business took off in a huge way and had your realizing a resounding success.

    In any case, aside from embracing failure as part of the learning process on the path to success, success only really requires the deployment of three tools and three tools only.


    Don’t let anyone fool you into believing otherwise, particularly those who claim that you have had the same opportunities as others in your life to the extent that it’s your fault you aren’t as successful financially as they are. These are often the same people who turn around and try to solicit money from you so that they can impart some of their knowledge to you.

    The truth is yes, there are plenty of opportunities all around for those who seek success to realize it, but reaching out and grabbing that opportunity is not that easy. If it was we’d all be wealthy beyond measure.

    I mean consider the citizens of war-torn countries whom even if they had the money to apply for a travel visa, pretty much no country in the world would approve their applications. This is a reality that exists for many people around the world as a representation of the economic conditions they’re forced to live with. Can the typical person from Afghanistan claim to have the same opportunity as someone who was born and raised in Toronto, for example?

    No, so opportunity may not be available in equal measure to those who seek success, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it is indeed a necessary tool.


    The ability to spot opportunities for economic advancement is indeed a skill in itself, so that’s perhaps where one should start if they want to commence their path to success. Train your mind to spot opportunities, even if at first this is done only at the level of imagining what you would do to develop the opportunities you spot.

    Otherwise there is nearly always a way to apply whatever skill you may have acquired to pretty much any opportunity you spot.


    The final piece of the puzzle of success is that of discipline. You might have the skill to make a success out of an opportunity you spot, but if you don’t have the discipline to work at applying that skill to the spotted opportunity, you’re as good as someone who doesn’t have that opportunity and as good as someone who doesn’t have the skill you possess at all.

    Working at the construction of your success takes a kind of discipline which is usually driven by a hunger to achieve something on a personal level, so try to find purpose in the opportunity you pursue.