About Me

Welcome to Leader Outstanding. This is a motivational website where all visitors can access inspiration and guidance from its high-quality content.

Without further ado, let me introduce myself and give you some background to the creation of this website.

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Will Thomson, and I am the creator of this wonderfully empowering website. I live in the beautiful capital city of Edmonton in Canada, and I work as a successful Business Coach.

When people first meet me, they immediately assume that I have worked in this role all my life as I am so confident and content with what I do for a living. However, my family and closest friends would be the first to tell you that it wasn’t always this way and for a while I found myself struggling to find a career path that was suitable for me.

My Background

I am the proud holder of a Ph.D. in Economics. I worked my hardest through all my college years and gave it my all in succeeding as well as I could on this subject. I was always a leader, not a follower, and I soon developed a reputation at college for being the person to get things organized and done in quick time!

Throughout my Ph.D. I began to concentrate on research areas including corporate strategy, market penetration, and strategy in competitive markets. My two goals were to finish college successfully and develop a career in marketing. I succeeded with both purposes, as I knew I would, but what I hadn’t planned on was the overwhelming feeling of disappointment when I did start to work for somebody else in the marketing field.

After speaking to some of my college friends, I concluded that I just wasn’t ready to dedicate my life to this career path – so I quit! Though it may have come as a surprise to all those closest around me who knew my drive and my mindset, they were all behind me one hundred percent as it became apparent I had found my calling when I became a Business Coach. What is more, I haven’t looked back since!

Leader-Outstanding.com is Born

I realized very early on while training as a Business Coach that as an adult, we are all excepted to just know what it is we want to do from a very early age in life. There is an expectation of us to have a map planned out and ultimately know where we are going to get to in the future. But, as I had learned, how we feel when we enter college is not always the same as how we feel when we move out into the world or work. Even in the business world people still need some form of guidance on their journey!

As my work as a Business Coach began to take off, I felt content with my life for perhaps the first time ever, and many people noticed and commented on the change. This was the time that I also began getting individual requests for advice and guidance. It was then that I stumbled across the idea of creating my own blog so more and more people further afield could benefit from the words of advice I was dispensing.

What I didn’t expect at all was just how many people required some form of coaching to succeed on their own business path and how little was available to cater to their individual circumstances. I knew I could get my message across to those people wishing to find out more about business coaching through providing a competent website with real quality articles and content. As a result, Leader Outstanding was born.

What the Leader Outstanding Website Can Offer Visitors

This website is here to serve its audience the best way it knows how to – by providing high-quality solutions through its content. Whether it be through expert articles, knowledgeable guest blog posts or even from the relevant advertisements placed around the site, I intend for Leader Outstanding to be the website to guide every visitor who chooses to refer to it for all their business and marketing needs and a lot more besides.

From leadership to motivation and personal finance to psychology, whether you are individual, an entrepreneur or an employee of a large corporation, everyone is welcome here at Leader Outstanding.