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  • Addressing the Elephant in the Room – The Integrity of Business Coaches

    In light of the recent explosion of people claiming to be business coaches, I suppose it’s perfectly understandable why the integrity of the entire business coaching industry has come under question. To be quite honest, since there isn’t some sort of business coaching school or anything formal of that sort, anybody can wake up one day and decide that they’re now a business coach!

    I suppose that’s both good and bad – good because real business coaches with the appropriate skills, qualifications and experience can just enter into the market at will and bad because that’s what everybody else does and not necessarily only those with the requisite skills.

    Paying your dues

    There are indeed so many people in this world who just have a natural knack for certain things so it makes perfect sense then that they’d be people who naturally posses the skills to function successfully as business coaches. There are also many people who like me, acquired certain formal qualifications which come together with that natural gift to offer great business advice to others and look at their operations from the point of view of an objective outsider.

    For every one of these types of business coaches however, there are sadly a number who laid claim to that title by simply signing up to some webinar, seminar, membership, mastermind or whatever else these things are called and then they went through the training material provided which effectively encourages them to recruit more people to join the same program they joined. Typically their last resort if they fail at recruiting is operating as business coaches and this is where the integrity of the industry gets compromised.

    You have to pay your dues if you want to be taken seriously as a business coach and the only measure of success is that of repeat business. Clients who are only happy to not only acknowledge your contributions, but are also just as happy to refer you to their own business partners whom they value. Some clients however don’t want to show their competitors where they get a good chunk of the elements which contribute to their success and these in my opinion are the best clients since they’re willing to reward us business coaches that much more for our “silence” and to a certain extent, exclusivity.

    Above all else however, the mark of a truly capable business coach resides in the path they took towards becoming one. For example, on more of a personal level, I’ve worked within the structures of established companies as a Business Analyst and if you come to look at it, a qualified business coach is nothing but a Business Analyst who finds no satisfaction out of working for the same company and effectively having to settle for the type of work which falls into a boring routine.

    As a business coach I’m basically just operating as somewhat of an independent business analyst, mostly so that I can immerse myself into different industries and markets, thereby keeping the work I do fresh, challenging and exciting.