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  • Some Advice for People Who Have Followed the Wrong Career Path

    In all honesty, if every single person in this world who is economically active honestly reported on this issue, there would be very few of us who can claim to be in the right career. I mean even looking at it from my own personal point of view it’s not matter of some fairytale which had me graduating and then entering right into my dream career. No. I had to serve my time in an industry that was totally wrong for me, so to say. And I’m pretty sure there are so many people who are in the same situation except they’re still stuck in the wrong career.

    What’s preventing you from changing careers?

    I bet I can guess exactly what the reasons are behind your insistence that you’re basically stuck with the career path you’ve followed. Okay, so I’ve been in the business coaching industry for a good while so it’s more than just a guess, but rather a deployment of some experience I’ve garnered out in the big bad world of business.

    It’s the amount of time and effort you put into following the current career path you’re on that’s preventing you from even entertaining the prospect of changing careers, isn’t it? After all, it takes a big investment of one’s time and money to develop oneself in any field, whether you’re going the formal academic route or indeed if you’re approaching it through more practical, hands-on channels.

    You might not have even been the only one who invested in the process of you gaining the requisite qualifications or skills in order to be competent in the career you currently find yourself, so there are some other parties which you’re probably afraid to disappoint.

    Whether you initially chose your current career but now realize that it was the wrong choice or indeed if circumstances by way of available opportunities decided for you, there is always a way out.

    Searching for a transition point

    In truth there will be many transition points available to you which you could possibly use to actually make the transition from your current career to one which is more suited to you, but you have to know how to look out for them and you also have to be brave enough to pursue them when you get the chance. It’s much, much easier than you think, both from the point of view of those who invested in your career and from the point of view of looking at the process itself.

    With regards to say your parents perhaps suspected of being disappointed in your choice to jump ship, trust me, they won’t be. They know better than anyone else in this world that life almost never works out the way it was planned, so they’ll only be happy if you can perhaps match your current salary or effectively raise it.

    As far as making a pivot goes, there is always a link between what you’re qualified in and what you’re passionate about and all that’s waiting for you to do is find that link and pursue the transition.