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  • Is Business Coaching Valid in Specialist Industries?

    I reckon this particular topic is aimed more at other business coaches who are up and coming and are serious about their craft, beyond those who are taking chances of course, because these are the types of question which demonstrate that you’re the real deal with regards to your intentions. I’m also addressing it because this is indeed a question I’ve been getting from many of the budding business coaches I’ve been mentoring – a mentorship I offer free of charge to the selected few I must add, since we’re not running anything similar to what would represent a pyramid scheme here (making money by selling training to people, who in turn would be trained to make money selling the very same training – no).

    So would your business coaching service be valid in the event of it being offered to professionals who have incorporated their operations to operate as self-employed individuals in specialist industries? I’m talking here about industries such as medicine, law, etc – is it viable to offer business coaching to a doctor or a lawyer, for example, when professionals of each of these practices are highly specialised, requiring years of hard studying and sacrifice?

    The short (and only) answer is yes and there are so many reasons why you should never be afraid to offer business coaching services to specialists, one of which is the fact that you’re offering a service in business coaching and not trying to teach something like a doctor about medicine. Similarly, you’re not trying to teach a lawyer law – they already know about the specialised knowledge they need in order to fulfil all the duties in their industry and they’ll subsequently look towards business coaches for their services in helping better their operations from the business side of things.


    We can point to a number of other different things, but when it comes down to it really, anybody who goes into business is in it for the sales. Your ability to find ways to generate and increase sales for you business coaching clients is where you earn your stripes and fortunately the fundamentals of bumping up sales are non-discriminate – it doesn’t matter how specialised the industry is, all that matters is that you can help the seller find people who want to buy their service.

    Process streamlining

    Because business coaches are in the business of business coaching, it’s more about developing the core skills to streamline business processes in any market and in any business. There are measures you can put in place to help the specialists better manage and run their businesses, irrespective of what industry they’re in.


    Finally, marketing is marketing, whether it’s for a group of auto accident lawyers, sports doctors maybe, or civil engineers as just a selection of examples of specialised fields, it really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day it’s the marketing principles which matter and that’s another area in which you need to hone your consultation skills as a business coach.

    So yes, business coaching is definitely valid in specialist industries.