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  • Business Idea – Running Your Own Logistics Operation

    Business coaches are often criticised for what is widely believed to be the effective selling of ideas, ideas they often themselves are accused of not being able to implement and turn into a success. Because of many pretenders to the business coaching world, a lot of this criticism is suitably justified.

    I mean let’s kick the ballistics here – if whatever it is you’re doing is working out so well for you financially, why on earth do you work so hard trying to convince people to effectively buy the idea from you? This goes beyond the world of business coaching, with the likes of traders, etc – it becomes more about recruiting people for some training course than actually making money out of the idea being sold…

    So to go against the grain a bit, I’m going to share with you a simple business idea which would entail running your own logistics operation. It’s extremely simple really and if you want to ask me why I’m not running my own logistics operation in this way, I would tell you that actually I do, but as a joint partner with one of my clients I helped set everything up. We’ve both since moved on because we are both of the idea that we want to do something fresh each time and don’t want to keep doing the same operational things every day.

    It’s simple – finance a fleet of vans and get the financing to have some of them installed with mobile refrigeration and freezing facilities. Brand the vans, create a website and start targeting caterers, food producers and anyone else who might need some moving services, whether they’re for delicate food items or anything really.

    Now, this doesn’t mean the customers are going to come flooding to you – you still have to go out and look for them, but there is a huge gap in this market, even to this very day that I write this post.

    So, since what I’ve effectively done to go against the grain of what business coaches are typically accused of doing is give away yet another business idea for free instead of selling it, why on earth would I do that and what value can I offer via my paid services? Well it’s simple really and you can ask any one of my clients if you believe that they may feel hard done-by by what is me seemingly giving away a service I otherwise charged them for.

    There’s so much more on offer, such as how we drill right down to specifics when we’re exploring possible business channels to pursue. To expand on this particular idea of running your own logistics business, a good example of what these specifics entail would be hooking you up with some auto accident lawyers on a referral basis, which means that you’d qualify for a free consultation with them should you require the legal services they offer to address some inevitable issues that are synonymous with any logistics business.

    Let’s just say that I have more than one source from whence to call in favours and whenever I do then it’s to the benefit of my clients…