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    For the most part the sales consultant of a telecommunication and networking solutions company will be only too happy to match your needs with the right solutions their company has to offer, ideally because they’re fully aware of the fact that you have the potential to become a long-term client. Who will you call when things aren’t quite working the way they should be for example? You’ll call the solutions service provider, won’t you?

    However, as the owner or maybe even the manager of a business who is tasked with the organization of key business tools such as the networking and connectivity infrastructure, you have to do your own due diligence and make absolutely sure you’re going with the right fit for your needs. Said consultant for example would get a bigger commission if you became the kind of long-term client whose business has subscribed to their company’s most expensive data and networking solution and that often proves to be a temptation for unnecessarily up-selling you the typical sales consultant can’t resist.

    So even if you’re clueless about the networking and connectivity solutions you probably need for your business, you will have to take it upon yourself to gain a basic understanding.

    Collaborate with an independent consultant

    Some of the best such consultants in any field for that matter don’t even have anything put out there which suggests that they do consulting work. The act of collaborating with an independent consultant doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise at all. Heck you could actually even get such services for free, but in the spirit of not being like the sales consultant who might be tempted to up-sell you unnecessarily for a bigger commission, you should take some money out of your pocket and pay the independent consultant you bring in.

    For example, final year college students who are wrapping up their studies in the field of networking or any related field would be happy to get remunerated for a one-time consultation gig. Assign to them the task of designing the best solution for your networking and connectivity needs and you’ll be sure to get the best solution available.

    Internally localized, externally globalized

    Even when we speak about the efficiency of the performance of a connectivity network used by a business, what it all ultimately comes down to are the costs associated with the operation of the ICT infrastructure. You ultimately want the most cost-effective solution which delivers every bit of efficiency possible and so the general rule in that regard is that all internal connections should be localized while the external connection points are globalized.

    What this means is that the internet should only be used for connections over the World Wide Web, while the intranet should be used for connections between employees, internally. Yes, I should be able to send an email to my colleague, but I shouldn’t feel the need to use my Gmail account to send that email, but rather I should use an internal emailing system which only has connections that are limited to the business environment itself.

    You will save a lot of money this way.