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  • Business Website Design In Five Simple Concepts

    One of the most fundamental parts of running a business today is building a functional business website.  The internet is such an important part of most people’s lives that your business has no choice but to use the medium for development of the organization.  

    Start your business off right, and make certain you have a well-built website.  Take a moment now to read a bit about five simple design concepts that will help your business website make its mark on the mobile community.  

    Design for simple navigation

    Navigation is foundational to web design.  If visitors cannot move freely about your content, then your website is useless.  Navigation should be one of the very first pieces of the design puzzle you place.

    Floating, stationary, or fixed navigation is the best way to add movement to your design.  Creativity in your navigational design is welcomed, but keep the concept simple.  People don’t want to spend their time “figuring out” how to use your website.  

    Use social media as a tool for visibility

    Unless you take steps to spread the digital word about your business website, it may be difficult to find among the thousands of other similar sites.  You have to do the digital footwork to spread your organization’s “prints” around the web.

    Social media websites are some of the most highly trafficked spaces on the internet, and linking your digital content to the social webwaves is a great way to boost visibility.  Add social media sharing icons in strategic locations around your site’s design.

    Take a look at this business website blog posting on FSGO (Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations), and consider the placement of the social media sharing icons.  Placement is everything if you want the sharing icons to be useful.

    Make your content mobile friendly

    Any new content on today’s internet should be built to display correctly for mobile users.  Mobile web crawlers are spreading quickly, and have recently outnumbered the PC and laptop users on the internet.  

    For starters, try adding media queries to your website’s design coding.  Media queries are designed to automatically detect and adjust to the size of the mobile screen currently accessing your digital content.  

    Encourage communication throughout

    Communication is vital to the success of your organization as a whole.  Your business website should encourage visitors to communicate their thoughts and experiences regarding your organization.  

    Start by adding a “Contact Us” section to your site, but don’t stop there.  Add a contact phone number on your homepage, and consider adding a place for comments on your blog posts.  

    Invest in SEO research and development

    Even if you are already familiar with the concepts of search engine optimization, you should make certain that those concepts are integrated within every piece of digital content you add to the web.