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  • Business Website Design Tips For A Successful Online Presence

    Designing your business website is a key factor in reaching any level of success in modern business.  Without a business website, you’re cutting out a huge access point to consumers for your business.

    Your business website should be a priority before your business is ever launched.  Designing is strategic, and you’ll need to know what you’re doing to build an efficient site.  Here is a brief investigation into some of the most critical website design elements you’ll need for a successful business website.  

    Navigation is foundational

    Every website, no matter the purpose, needs a way for web users to move around.  All the content you work so hard to create cannot be investigated without some way to navigate.  

    Traditionally, a stationary navigation bar is perfect to get the job done.  This website for commercial HVAC services shows a great example of a stationary (or floating) navigation bar in action.  

    Communication is vital

    Your business website should be built to encourage passing users to leave their individual mark.  Communication with your target audience is critical to the success of your organization.

    You have to keep in touch with the people who benefit most from your organization’s products/services, and your business website is a valuable tool to tap into your target consumer’s mind.  

    In addition to the traditional “Contact Us” page on your site, add other creative ways to engage web users.  Your blog posts could end in a “leave a comment” box, and there could be contact phone number on your website’s homepage.  

    Optimize for mobile access

    Mobile access to the internet is no longer something website designers can ignore.  There are more mobile devices on the internet at any given time than PCs or laptops, so it makes sense that mobile optimization should be a priority in design.  

    The easiest way to push forward with mobile optimization is to add media queries to your design coding.  Media queries will set your site up to detect and automatically adjust to the size of the screen currently viewing your content, so pinching and swiping will no longer be an issue for visitors.  

    Incorporate social media

    Social media is a goldmine for visibility online.  If you can connect your digital content to the social media circuits, your website will be much more useful to the success of your business.  Start by adding the most popular social media sharing icons in strategic locations throughout your website’s design.  

    Learn the value of SEO

    Search engine optimization will help you to create digital content that will make an impact online.  Proper SEO tactics will allow your website to rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  Ranking higher in the SERPs will give you a better shot at attracting more traffic to your business website.