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How to Find the Best Apartment to Rentin the City for the Single Business woman

Living in a big city can be a scary experience, especially if you are going to live alone. Many single women choose to rent an apartment. There are many things

Investment Finance: Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

Purchasing your very first property is a huge step in life, and you can’t take the process lightly.  There are many components to the process of purchasing a home. It

3 Essential Tips for Property Investors buying with Cash

If you’re able to invest in property with cash – i.e. without having to leverage via a mortgage – you’re already in a strong position because you’ll own the property

Thoughtful Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

When there’s someone you love who is suffering from a long-term illness, it can be hard to know what you should say or do. Even if you visit them and

The Charitable Work Money Discussion

Every now and then I get queries for my business consultation services that are delivered in a little bit of a “veiled” manner for lack of a better word, mostly

When You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Apply for a Business Loan

At first thought, the best time to apply for a small business loan is whenever you’ve determined that your business needs one. While having access to enough capital to keep

UK retirement quiz: find out how much you’ll need to save

Private pension pots are a hot topic on the minds of many UK people. With increased media attention, there is extra pressure on the population to start thinking seriously about

How to Plan your Budget as an SME

For any business to succeed, a good understanding of financial management is required. For small to medium sized enterprises (SME) in particular, a realistic and adaptable budget should be in

Running a Remote Business Globally

Business consulting is certainly one of the most exciting careers someone like me could have gotten into and I have absolutely no regrets. One of the most challenging tasks I