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What problems do life coaches solve

What should you do if you do not like your career path, have low self-esteem or confidence, or do not like the general direction of your life? You may want

Looking Out for Your Big Break

Big breaks come in many different forms, shapes and sizes and they can come on the back of some purposeful hard work in pursuing them or they can seemingly emerge

Only 3 Tools Required for Success

Success leaves clues, but for many people those clues appear to be concealed in plain sight. I’m specifically addressing those people who look upon the business world with a bit

Some Advice for People Who Have Followed the Wrong Career Path

In all honesty, if every single person in this world who is economically active honestly reported on this issue, there would be very few of us who can claim to

Goal-Setting Done the Right Way

One of the marks of a great entrepreneur with lots of potential is that of eliminating the act of giving up as an option, to the extent that they concede

Fancy a Career as an Orator?

Look, the business coaching industry is very closely linked with many others, one of which is that of public speaking. I do indeed get invited to give motivational talks and

Addressing the Elephant in the Room – The Integrity of Business Coaches

In light of the recent explosion of people claiming to be business coaches, I suppose it’s perfectly understandable why the integrity of the entire business coaching industry has come under