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    Every now and then I get queries for my business consultation services that are delivered in a little bit of a “veiled” manner for lack of a better word, mostly from entrepreneurs who find themselves feeling a little guilty about profiting from charitable work and work which is geared more towards religion and goodwill. It’s funny how those that feel the shame shouldn’t be feeling any shame at all, with those that should be feeling the shame feeling none of it at all.

    The people who don’t feel shame and should be feeling shame are those who do nothing but profit out of “ventures” which were meant for charitable causes and as part of the goodwill which stems from religions practices, while those that do feel shame are those who are well within their rights to be benefitting in some way from those causes. If I should put it more explicitly – there are some very greedy people in this world who masquerade as champions for charitable causes and put themselves in line to collect money that is intended for those and other identified charitable causes. Except they don’t use the money for what it’s meant to be used for, instead pocketing most if not all of it and living rather lavishly off of the kindness of people who make donations with the idea that their money is going to be used for good causes.

    It’s ironic because those that do feel shame are those who often even have to be convinced to use some of that money for something like all the administration which comes with the running of charitable and religious work. It really should be the other way around – it should be those who use all of the money for personal gain who should be contacting me to ask about heading down the path to reforms, but then again why would they because their actions suggest that they’re not ashamed at all in the first place?

    The truth is that a whole lot of the money which is solicited from kind people all over the world whose goodness has them willing to help the needy never gets to where it was intended. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about and you should be asking yourself whether or not those VAS text messages you send actually end up raising the money required to solve the indicated socio-economic problems.

    Otherwise if you’ve dedicated your life to some charitable work and/or religious causes, you need to eat as well and sustain yourself, so there is absolutely no shame in living off what is often the 15% of the takings designated for exactly that!

    If you’re rallying a church group which is spreading some good in your community for example, who is going to pay for the missionary shoes or any of the other utilities the group would need?

    Additionally, this doesn’t mean you have to be greedy, but it’s something of a lifestyle business so if you’re getting rewarded financially for it then you will always be motivated to give it your best at all times and make it work.