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  • Design A Better Business Website With These Helpful Hints

    Your business website is the host for the mass of your digital traffic online.  Your organization’s website should be carefully crafted to give visitors exactly what they are seeking as they browse the pages of content you’ve created.  

    If you’re new to website design, there is a sharp learning curve.  With such a mass of information to absorb, you’ll do yourself a service by taking it bit by bit.  Here is a brief overview of some foundational design tips for your business website.

    Visibility is your main mission

    When you’re working to create an online presence for your business, visibility is top priority.  If no one ever sees your website, then it’s pointless, right? Luckily, there are things you can do to spread the digital word of your site’s existence.  

    When designing your business website, design for visibility.  Adding a “Blog” section to your design, like this consulting website shows, gives your business a plethora of opportunities to reach out to web users.  

    Post relevant entries to your business blog on a regular basis, and make sure you slather the content with plenty of great SEO tactics for better SERP placement.  If you don’t know what those letters mean, keep reading to find out.

    Communication is important

    When designing any sort of website, it’s smart to add implements which encourage visitors to communicate with your organization.  Hearing the thoughts and experiences of customers and passersby will give you a fresh outlook on the efficiency of your site’s design.  

    In addition to the traditional “Contact Us” page, your design should include other pleas for communication.  Add a “leave a comment” box at the bottom of your blog posts or a phone number to your homepage.  

    Don’t forget your mobile audience

    Mobile web users dominate the population of today’s web pages.  If you skip out on optimizing your design for mobile users, you will miss out on tons of web traffic.  A page that isn’t optimized for mobile display will cause users to pinch and swipe their screens to accurately view simple elements of your design.  

    Make it easier on web users, and design your business website with mobile users in mind.  Adding media queries to your coding will take care of the bulk of the work, so research the term thoroughly as you build.  

    Use social media sharing icons

    Social media sharing icons give your digital content the ability to spread throughout the pages of all the top social platforms of the web.  With the addition of a few small sharing icons, web users can instantly spread your content to their friends and family online.  

    Learn to integrate SEO

    Search engine optimization will give you the knowledge you need to design your digital content in such a way that it will rank at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) when web users search relevant terms online.  

    Sitting at the top of the SERPs is a sure way to boost traffic passing through your business website, and in turn, boost business.