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  • Don’t Expect Immediate Results When Giving Free Merchandise for Advertising

    Advertising is the primary reason for handing out free shirts and other merchandise. You want people to know what you have to offer. It does not mean that you can expect positive results right away. It takes time for these marketing techniques to work. In some cases, companies might not even see any direct impact of their advertising strategy.

    Be patient 

    The reason why you are using the shirts for advertising is that you want to introduce your brand. You want people to know more about you. As you only recently launched your business, you want people to know that you exist. If they are curious about what else you have to offer, they can call you or look for information online. You need to patiently wait for people to come since it takes time for them to decide whether or not they will buy from you. If they are already loyal to a different brand offering the same products as you do, it is even more difficult convincing them to jump to you. Despite that, you need to remain patient and keep working hard to advertise your company.

    Think of the other benefits 

    The problem in giving out free shirts is that you expect people to buy what you offer instantly. Forget about the benefits for once. Think about what you are doing to help others. You are giving free shirts to people who remained loyal to you. It is your way of expressing thanks to them for buying your products. Some people who will receive a shirt usually don’t receive anything, even though they are the ones who keep spending money. Therefore, obtaining a free shirt will be surprising for them. Making people happy and allowing them to consider buying stuff from you is good enough for now.

    Monitor the impact 

    Another reason why you don’t feel like your advertising campaigns are working is that you don’t have a way of tracking the results. There might already be some effects that you are not aware of because you don’t have a monitoring strategy. You need to make sure that you check whether there have been any changes in the number of people buying your products in recent days, or if there has been an uptick in the number of visitors on your website. The impact might be gradual, but it is okay since you intend to build long-term customer loyalty.

    Choose the right design 

    Instead of worrying about the effect of this strategy, why don’t you focus on designing the best shirt and finding the perfect garment t-shirt printing company? You can worry about the results later once you have started your marketing campaign. After finishing the design, you can talk to the printing company regarding the cost. You can also tell them when you need the shirts.

    In some cases, it doesn’t matter if you want the shirts delivered right away. They can do it for you. They understand how promotional merchandise works and they will do their best to help you.



    Image: Unsplash.com