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  • Foundational Design Aspects Of A Successful Business Website

    The design of your business website is paramount to your organization’s overall success.  Modern business is inseparable from modern technology, and your web presence has a strong impact on your level of success in the industry.  

    You want to get it right the first time, and make certain that your business website is designed properly.  Enlighten yourself a bit, and read through this short summary of some of the most foundational design aspects of a successful business website.  

    Navigation makes the pages go ‘round

    Every website, no matter its purpose, needs to have a simple form of navigation for movement across the pages of the site.  Your website simply isn’t complete without navigational options.

    Traditionally, a stationary navigation (or floating navigation) bar integrate within your site’s design is excellent for users of all types.  This PMP Certification website shows just how functional a stationary navigation bar can be.  

    Encourage communication throughout

    Communication is a foundational element of your business, and it’s a binding thread for your business website.  You want to gather every piece of information from viewers that you possibly can, and your website’s design can help.

    In addition to designing the traditional “Contact Us” page on your business website, add other creative please for communication to your layout.  Your website’s homepage is a good spot for a contact number, and your blog posts are a great way to gather comments from a “leave a comment” box.  

    Always optimize your design for mobile access

    Mobile access to the internet is a vital concern for your business website.  Designing for the 17” screen of a PC won’t make the cut with the world’s mobile web users.

    Use the addition of media queries to your design coding, and set your page up for mobile success.  Media queries will automatically detect the size of the screen currently accessing your pages, and adjust your content to fit the display.

    Use social media to spread the word

    Social media platforms play host to massive amounts of web traffic, and you want your website to be a part of the social buzz.  Within your site’s design, find strategic locations for adding social media share buttons.

    Adding social media share icons to your design will give your website an outlet and a more efficient way of spreading its digital wings.  Whenever a user “shares” your content, your business receives a free piece of digital marketing.  

    Learn how to use the concepts of SEO

    If you’re not familiar with the concepts of search engine optimization, then today is the day you should learn.  SEO will help you learn to create more impactful digital content and rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).