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  • Foundational Elements Of A Successful Business Website Design

    Designing a business website is a part of getting your operation on its feet.  Your business needs a prominent digital presence to survive in the highly technology-centered world in which you operate.  

    Your organization stands to benefit from the work you put into developing a well-known business presence online, so it’s important to get to work as soon as possible.  Start learning more now, and check out a quick synopsis, featuring a few foundational design elements of a successful business website.  

    Navigation is key

    Naturally, web users will want to explore what your website has to offer, and they can’t do that without the option to move.  Navigation elements give your website depth and should make it easy for users to learn about your organization.

    Traditionally, a stationary (or floating) navigation bar is sufficient for users to discover every nook and cranny of your design.  Creativity is always welcomed, but keep it simple when building a navigational option for your site.

    Communication should be encouraged

    You can implement certain design elements into your layout to encourage web users to leave their mark.  Adding a “Contact Us” page, like this financial website displays, is a great start to drawing out the thoughts and feelings of users.  

    In addition, there should be other elements to engage users.  Add a contact number to your homepage, or try adding a compact contact form to your “FAQ” section.  Mastering the “call to action” is also a great strategy for boosting communication for your organization’s digital campaign.  

    Optimize your design for mobile users

    Mobile users run the internet in today’s modern society.  If your website isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, you’ll be missing out on a whole bunch of digital traffic.  

    Mobile optimization is mainly a matter of display.  The display screen of most mobile devices is smaller than that of a typical PC or laptop.  If you design your pages to fit a 17” screen, mobile users will have to waste time pinching and swiping to properly view your content.  

    Integrate the power of social media

    Social media is a driving force online, and you want to be a part of the traffic.  Add social media sharing icons in strategic locations throughout your business website’s design, and visitors will know what to do from there.  

    Learn how to utilize the concepts of SEO

    If you hope to be a success in web design, you’ll need to master the art of search engine optimization.  SEO helps you create web content that ranks higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages), and ranking higher in the SERPs means your content will be seen by many more web users each day.