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  • Graphics, Display, and Designs: Competing for Customer Attention

    When you’re trying to compete customer attention, visibility is key. This means all your graphics, displays, and designs have to be on point. If you are not a visual person yourself, make sure someone on your staff is, or you need to be willing to hire people to bring your company up to the appropriate level quality.

    What are some of the graphics, displays, and designs that you need to think of regarding business visibility improvement? First of all, your online graphics have to be great. If you ever go anywhere as a company to display your products or services, you need to have excellent trade show displays. Your storefront visibility has to compete with any surrounding businesses in an effective manner. And you should pay attention to the psychology of the human attention span.

    Online Graphics

    Many people are going to find your business online. It might be through Facebook. Maybe they’re searching on their mobile phone. It could be they’re on a browser on their desktop. However, regardless of the method that they get to you, they have to be impressed with your graphic elements. This means your logo, any images you have on your site, any visible branding techniques – they all have to be super professional.

    Trade Show Displays

    A great way to get attention for your company and your brand is to display your products at a trade show. Now if you think about the difference between a company that puts their best foot forward and creates a dynamic display versus one that puts up a piece of cardboard with a handwritten message on it, you begin to understand the importance of creating this professional public presentation. Learn what people typically do at trade shows, and then try and take your display one step up from that.

    Storefront Visibility

    If you own a store, how good is your signage? It’s amazing how many people will look at the quality of the sign above a business and make the determination if they want to go in some place from that. If you think of all your favorite brands, you’ll notice that they all have big, bold, and consistent signs above their businesses that are instantly recognizable.

    Researching Attention Span

    As you go about creating these graphics, displays, and other design elements, doing your research about the human attention span will help you out. What things grab people’s attention? What things keep people’s attention? What kind of colors, textures, and shapes are statistically the most likely to get you the kind of attention that you want? Sometimes it’s dependent on the location your business is in. Sometimes it’s a cultural thing. The point is to do your research on the topic and then make the decision about how to grab the promotional bull by the horns.