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  • Making it in the Toughest Business Regulatory Environments

    Perhaps I’m giving away some trade secrets here, but one of the many reasons why I proudly consider myself to be a great business coach is the fact that I often bring a lot of my clients together in more ways than one and help facilitate mutually-beneficial business relationships between them. What this means is that if I offer you my business coaching service, it’s about more than just motivation, sometimes encompassing practical and actionable steps to take in order to take your business to that next level you’re aiming for.

    Often I just look at my network of business coaching clients and make a regional map of those clients who are close enough to each other to attend a networking session. As stated already, B2B (business-to-business) relations are encouraged as something of tangible value every single attendee can take away from the session. This is why any of my clients will vouch for me and sing the praises of those business coaches who are working hard to maintain the integrity of the industry – there are many really, really bad business coaches out there who are clearly just taking chances and do nothing but re-package all the hearsay they sometimes even come into by just jumping on Google!

    So anyway, in addition to the B2B relationships encouraged and catalysed for that matter, I also seek to make sure there is a greater lesson everyone can take away from the sessions, which they can apply to any of their businesses, no matter which industry they’re in.

    Following the most recent session, the overall lesson was that of getting over the often very high obstacles of entering those businesses around which the regulatory environment is almost impossible. As you know, that’s where the real money is – I mean imagine landing something like a contract to provide the fracking services for a specific region, funded by the government of course…

    In many respects it’s not even as direct as that – governments often have Research and Development (R&D) funding programmes through which they offer some colossal grants any business can benefit hugely from, but the regulatory parameters are so tight that it often seems impossible to break into these spheres. It’s not impossible though and I’ll just give you a little taste of how many of my clients managed to eventually crack this market. Forgive me if I pat myself on the back a bit for claiming to have had a hand in that…

    So it’s all about roping in professional third-party service providers to back up your core operations and take care of the specialised areas which target compliance. I would personally rope in professionals in the mould of Master Environmental for example if I wanted a solid third-party partner to land some contract or funding which requires strict adherence to some environmental waste management considerations.

    It’s all about collaborating with specialists that are masters of their industry and service and you’ll be a huge step closer to making it in some of the toughest business regulatory environments.