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  • How Pre-Employment Assessments Can Help You Find Leaders

    During the hiring process, employers look forward to getting as much relevant information about candidates as possible. Initially, interviews and resumes were used to gather the candidate’s information. However, these methods do not provide the best insights. Research has shown that most resumes contain a lot of misleading statements and lies. On the other hand, interviews are highly subjective and therefore poor predictors of job performance. 
    In contrast, assessments that are developed and designed correctly help to gather essential information on candidates. Compared to the traditional methods, pre-employment assessments are objective and provide concrete results that enable the employer make better hiring decisions.

    High cost and wastage of time are two of the major challenges facing most HR professionals and business owners. However, pre-employment assessments can help to reduce the time spent conducting interviews and reading resumes significantly. Also, the assessment can enable an employer cut the cost associated with the hiring process. Additionally, assessments increase the quality of hire since they provide reliable and objective data.

    Some of the main benefits of pre-employment assessments are:

    Higher Productivity

    Evidence-based research has shown that assessments that are well developed and validated can predict productivity across a wide range of job types. Pre-employment assessments are regarded as one of the most accurate ways of predicting performance since they provide objective data that is crucial in the hiring process.

    In other words, pre-employment assessments help to identify the right candidate who is most likely to be more productive and effective. This is because the assessment involves metrics that lead to success such as experience, skills and the ability to perform. Having more productive employees increases the productivity of the whole organization or business

    Increased Retention

    Increased employee turnover is a big concern for most employers. Pre-employment assessment can help to reduce the turnover by ensuring candidates have the necessary aptitude and personality required for the job. This will reduce the likelihood of the employee leaving their job either voluntary or involuntary. Reducing turnover provides a wide range of benefits that can impact the whole organization. For instance, lower turnover rates help to improve the external reputation of the company, making it easier to attract and acquire high-quality candidates. Also, reduced turnover helps to boost employee morale and productivity.

    A study indicates that the cost of replacing an entry-level employee can go high up to sixteen percent of the annual salary and even more for higher-paid positions. Therefore, reducing the turnover rate also helps to cut on the cost associated with the hiring processes.

    More Efficient Hiring Process

    The whole recruitment process consumes a lot of time. According to RecruiterBox, it takes approximately forty-five days to fill a new position. Also, another study has shown that fifty percent of jobs posted online remain open for more than ninety days. This is not due to a lack of applications. In fact, according to Glassdoor, a new job position attracts an average of two hundred and fifty applications. The rapidly growing number of applications is making it difficult for recruiters to identify the right candidate.

    Pre-employment assessments (such as those found at https://www.berkeassessment.com/) streamline the hiring process and save time significantly. The assessment helps to eliminate candidates who send resumes with minimal thought or effort. Applicants who can go through the assessment process show a level of seriousness and commitment. Therefore, assessments enable the recruiter to identify the right candidate with the highest potential and also reduce the time spent on other hiring methods.

    Increases Legal Defensibility of The Hiring process

    Apart from helping the business improve on talent management, pre-employment assessments can also increase the defensibility of the hiring process. During the hiring, employers are expected to utilize an employee selection process that is equitable and legally binding. Therefore, the pre-employment assessments should be governed by relevant regulations to ensure that the process is non-discriminatory and equitable. This should also apply to other selection methodologies used in hiring employees. An organization that implements pre-employment assessments in accordance with legal requirements is in a better position to defend the procedures in case a legal challenge occurs.

    In conclusion, pre-employment assessments provide a wide range of benefits to organizations and businesses. They not only help to improve the hiring process but also increase the chances of getting the right employee with the highest potential.