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  • Remote Management: Keeping An Eye On Your Business While You’re Away

    Every business owner knows that the responsibilities of being the head of the organization don’t stop when you choose to take a vacation.  The weekends, the holidays, and even anniversaries don’t matter much to your industry.

    You need a way to manage all of your daily responsibilities whether you have time to get to the office or not.  Take time to learn a few ways to keep in touch with your organization while you’re away, and check out this quick look into some specific solutions.  

    Recruit the finest professionals

    It pays to invest in the best recruitment software you can find.  Hiring stellar professionals will not only give you more flexibility to step away from your operation from time to time, but you can even manage the hiring and firing from afar with Zoho Recruit.  

    The entire process of managing your HR responsibilities can be tracked from this one, easily accessible software program.  Post job openings on career platforms like LinkedIn, Monster, and social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

    Check in at your local business cafe

    One of the coolest modern day tech encouragement efforts is the business cafe.  Cafes built strictly as a workspace for business professionals from all over the world.  Come together with other professionals, and get stuff done.  

    Working in this environment produces opportunities for networking with other professionals, and creates the opportunity for expansion and development in your organization.  

    Track your employee’s performance

    When you’re attempting to take a respite from the office, or working elsewhere in the world, you want to know how all of your company’s projects are coming along.  Luckily, there’s an app for that.

    Trakstar is an application that allows you to track employee performance remotely.  You can gain a full spectrum look at what staff and managers are doing to progress towards success.

    Manage your business finances

    You’ll want to keep an eye on the books while you’re out of the office, and we have just the tool for the job.  Zoho Books is a web-based program that will give you access to all of your accounting and financial reporting anytime, anywhere.  

    Business transactions and any other financial data that piques your paranoia are easy to keep an eye on when you have the platform of Zoho Books.  Other key structures of the application include inventory tracking, invoicing, and sales and purchase tracking.

    Good ole fashioned surveillance

    If you really want to keep a close eye on the office while you’re away, there are a hundred and one different tech tools to add surveillance all over the place.  Audio and video are easier and sneakier than ever before, and your employees won’t suspect a thing.