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  • Running a Remote Business Globally

    Business consulting is certainly one of the most exciting careers someone like me could have gotten into and I have absolutely no regrets. One of the most challenging tasks I often find myself faced with however is that of how budding entrepreneurs sort of expect one to be a miracle worker who basically hands them a successful business to get into, from conception to profit.

    Fortunately though in this case I often do have something to give them as a sort of hold-my-hand business, if only to demonstrate to them that there are some people in this world who can meet even those expectations which are impossible. I try by all means however to restrict cases of this nature to take on because it sort of defeats the purpose.

    Anyway, this hand-over business I often give them is nothing more than an outsourcing business which they can operate globally. I don’t even list these cases as part of my portfolio of satisfied clients because it’s too easy and doesn’t really do anything to demonstrate my full capabilities.

    Finding skilled workers

    The aim is implicitly and perhaps rather obviously to make a profit through the marking up of products or services (or both) which can be delivered digitally. That means you hire a bunch of remote workers from all over the world, ideally from countries where a dollar goes a longer way as a result of a cheaper cost of living and then resell their skills as a service. This would be at a marked up price of course.

    As far as the digital products go, it’s pretty much the same, such as hiring writers to put together a 5,000-word e-book for $50 and then submitting that under a pseudonym to Amazon’s self-publishing platform. This is just one of many examples, all of which practical solutions of this nature are extensively discussed and detailed in the business coaching sessions of this sort I used to do.

    That’s right, I’ve decided that from this day onwards I’m no longer going to be taking on business coaching projects of this nature.

    It’s extremely easy to find skilled workers who work remotely, many of whom work on a freelance basis so they can be listed on a database you put together and assigned tasks when they become available.

    Finding end-clients

    This is perhaps the challenging bit of the business model, but it entails getting the word out there in a targeted fashion. For me as a business coach and consultant it’s that much easier since I just draw on the list of clients I’ve done some business coaching for, so I know exactly who is perhaps in need of a certain product or service.

    As I said, this is very boring and uninspiring work, so I guess I’ll no longer be offering such a silver-platter presented service any longer. The gist of the process can indeed be adopted by pretty much anyone seeking to run any kind of globally operated remote business. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an outsourcing business.