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  • Getting Specific with Your Niche

    I wouldn’t quite say you’re missing the train if you’re not seeking to generate your own income by venturing into a specific niche, establishing yourself as some kind of authority and then seeking to monetise the value you produce around that niche, but now is the time to give it a try as this market might just get flooded pretty soon. I don’t think it will ever be saturated though, which is why I refer to it as getting flooded instead of getting saturated, but it will definitely become harder and harder to get in on the action as time goes by.

    Now is the time to act…

    You’re definitely looking in the direction if you’re looking for a means through which to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey that isn’t too capital intensive, or capital intensive at all for that matter. The natural course of action is that you’ll ultimately be selling products and making money from the sale of those products on a commission basis, so it’s definitely affiliate marketing that is the ultimate goal. I could go on about how it might serve you better to ultimately aim to create your own products which you then sell via these established channels, but that’s too much work. I’ll bet you want to start making the money as soon as possible, right?

    By the way, services can also be sold as an affiliate – it doesn’t necessarily have to be products or even digital products which are sold in this way. If you can grasp the concept of earning commission for referring a client to someone who offers a service then you’re halfway there.

    Anyway, the trick to it is getting super-specific with your niche. Drill half an inch wide and as deep as you can, starting RIGHT NOW so that by the time anyone else wants in on the monetisation opportunities in the same niche, they’ll only effectively be doing some inadvertent marketing for you.

    It all starts with a central point around which to form your web presence and that’s best achieved via a blog or a specialist niche website. Next, link to that blog or website from all social media and networking platforms you can, after which time you focus on populating this central information repository with some real value. Not everything you publish has to have an affiliate link embedded which then inevitably leads to a sales offer, but everything you publish should make for some value you’d personally benefit from if you stumbled upon that information for the first time.

    If I were to sum it all up into one sentence as to how specific you should get with your niche if you want to establish yourself as an authority who stands the test of time, I would say that you should take a leaf out of the books of some of the best train lawyers you’ll find practicing in the legal field. I mean how much more focussed can you get as far as your niche goes?

    It’s this type of laser-focussed targeting which will make sure you establish yourself firmly as an authority in your chosen niche, whatever it is in particular.