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  • How to Make Your Stand Turn Heads at an Exhibition

    Exhibitions and conferences are an incredible way to raise the profile of your brand and make some great connections in whatever industry it is that you’re operating in. And no matter what industry it is that you work in, there is definitely going to be an exhibition for you.

    That being said, many of these exhibitions are pretty sizeable and it is very easy to get lost amongst the noise and be drowned out by another stand that has a much flashier and better thought out strategy.

    But there are some things that you can do to make sure that it is YOUR stand that is stealing all the attention and being the one that is the star of the show.

    Plan in Advance

    It is very obvious when an exhibitor has been very last minute and not thought out their display. Having a trade show display action plan can prevent you from looking a little pathetic when the time comes.

    Book your place as soon as you can for your trade show of choice and get all your marketing materials designed and ordered so that they are there well in advance of when you are going to be setting up.

    If you’re going to be trying out something different to entice people in, plan this out meticulously too, there’s nothing worse than a half-thought out marketing experiment.

    Use All The Space You’re Allocated

    Exhibitions are notorious for not dishing out the most generous of display spots, so be creative with the space you’re allocated. Don’t let any square inch go to waste, fill it with your products, games, freebies, chairs, anything to stop it looking empty and half finished.

    It’s also worth noting that everything should be on brand and to the specs of your design guide. So keep all colours in line with branding, all fonts the same on physical products. Plus, keeping all furniture etc in the same general style will make your spot look more polished.

    Spend Money to Make Money

    Let’s be honest here, one of the main reasons people go to these exhibitions is for the plethora of free things that are on offer.

    Make sure your free things stand out to the crowds of people. Don’t be simple and get the standard lot of pens and bags. There’s been businesses that have great success with thinking outside the box and offering freebies that people actually want and will post on social to spread the word.

    So get thinking about things that really stand out. Maybe give out branded water bottles or candles or bottles of beer or plush toys, just anything that’s going to make people stop. It would also be useful to get something that is on brand and relevant to who you are as a business.

    Roll Out Your Most Confident People

    The stands that have the most people around them are the stands that have people manning them that are outgoing and confident and naturally magnetic to the average joe.

    So identify the people in your business who can draw passers by in without being annoying, there’s nothing worse than being roped in to a ten minute discussion with someone that you can’t stand.