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  • The Ultimate Analogy Explaining What Businesses Coaches Do

    The industry has come in for quite a bit of flak and I wish I could say that it was all unwarranted, but a lot of this heavy criticism of the world of business coaching is suitably justified. For one, is there a formal qualification one can obtain in business coaching – like is there a college degree course or anything official of that nature? I think not…

    Secondly, what exactly sets a good business coach apart from a bad one and as a prospective client of a business coach you may have identified to possibly take up the services of, is there a way of being able to tell upfront whether or not you’re getting the real deal?

    These are some very difficult questions to answer, but only in the case of those business coaches who don’t quite know what they’re doing. Truthfully speaking, you could very well wake up one day and decide that from that point and going forward you’re going to make money coaching entrepreneurs and business owners on how to make a success out of their business operations and entrepreneurial endeavours. What’s there to stop you?

    If I may weigh-in on behalf of what I believe to be all those genuine business coaches who have earned their stripes, the ultimate analogy which properly explains what a business coach is and what they do should have you looking in the direction of home ownership and particularly the homeowners associations which form as a means through which to facilitate some self-governance amongst homeowners sharing a common space. This of course is so that everybody can enjoy the peace of mind of living in an environment they’d be collectively proud of.

    A business coach in that regard would be like a company which manages Home Owners Associations – a specialist HOA management company that provides professional services in management, planning and perhaps even takes care of the day-to-day operations of a Home Owners Association. Since this specialised management is the management company’s sole dedication by way of their services, just like with a business coach, the value offered is that much more efficient in its deployment.

    The quality resides in the delivery

    In keeping with our analogy of business coaching compared to Home Owners Associations management companies, just as is the case with the HOA management companies, there are really good business coaches and there are really bad ones. In the world of the management of Home Owners Associations, regionally, Phoenix HOA management generally accounts for what you’d refer to as an example of some of the best of these companies, while in many other regions there appears to still be room for a lot of improvement. Similarly, great business coaches seem to be concentrated in specific industries they like to focus on, while there are so many really terrible wannabe business coaches who don’t really have the credentials or the talent to operate with any efficiency in the field they chose on the back of their belief that it’s as easy as just deciding to be a business coach and then getting into it.