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  • The Ultimate Secret to Getting What You Want

    Okay, so I’m not going to divulge some training aimed at helping you become more deceitful or manipulative here. But truth be told – we all want what we want and there’s a reason for the sparking of that desire, whatever it is. Of course the aim is to develop this skill of being able to get what you want in the good sense, such as if you’re trying to climb the career ladder or if you’re just trying to mould the environment around you to better complement your personal growth path and character development.

    The ultimate secret to getting what you want is comprised out of a number of individual elements that come together, which we’re here to explore.

    Experience (knowing exactly what you want)

    If you’re to have any hope of getting what you want, you have to first know exactly where you stand and you have to know exactly what it is you want. Are you willing to settle for a lesser version of it, a watered down version, etc, or not? Just to make a basic example – if you want to become that salesperson who makes a million dollars via direct marketing, that’s a clear goal you can write down and quantify.

    Be explicit and unapologetic about what you want

    There’s some very sage advice which goes like “If you never ask then the answer will ALWAYS be no,” so learn to put in those requests for exactly what it is you want. If you’re known as a bit of a loon then you can get away with a whole lot more nonsense than what the average person can get away with, so go out there and present your character and persona in an unapologetic manner.

    If you want to make sales then you’re going to have to SELL, SELL, SELL – you’re going to have to put offers in front of people and ask them to buy.

    Operate in conducive environments

    It’s as simple as this – if you’re a car accident attorney and that one thing you want is a revolving door of clients whose cases you can take on, you have to identify which environments are conducive for you to get those clients. I mean think about it – something like a Las Vegas car accident is quite the common occurrence, isn’t it? So it would make sense to identify that night-life heavy, party atmosphere of a city such as Las Vegas to be an environment conducive to your legal practice.

    Team up with other pursuers of what you want

    Do you want to be a millionaire or a billionaire? Forget trying to get mentorship from an established millionaire or billionaire. Reason being those people who are already established simply won’t have time for you, unless you have something of value to offer them. They also won’t give away their trade secrets, so you’re better off teaming up with other wannabe millionaires or other people who share a goal with you. Team up with others who want what you want and your job will be that much easier.