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  • Should You Consider Virtualisation Instead of Cloud Computing?

    People often use the terms virtualisation and cloud computing interchangeably. The best way to think of the difference is that virtualisation is a process while cloud computing is more of a service. For most businesses, using the cloud, which will see your data stored in a special data centre, makes nothing less than perfect sense. Going down the virtualisation route means that your current hardware will be optimized instead of replaced.

    Here are just a few signs that should point you towards virtualisation rather than cloud migration.

    Security Is a Concern

    By far the most compelling reason to use virtualisation instead of migrating to the cloud is that you’ll enjoy far superior security. With virtualisation, all of your data remains on your own servers, which means that security is entirely under your own control. Of course, cloud computing providers do offer their own high-grade security, and that’s fine for most businesses. However, those working in a highly-regulated industry, such as finance or healthcare, should certainly consider virtualisation instead.

    You Already Have Servers

    If your business wants to scale up in terms of data use and doesn’t already have a few up to date servers, going for cloud migration is probably a good idea. However, established businesses that have previously invested in their own expensive servers should feel free to opt for virtualisation. The process will maximise both the amount of space available on each server and the number of applications that each one can run at once, so you’ll be able to do more with the same servers you already have.

    Strong IT Support Service

    One thing to keep in mind when you opt for virtualisation over cloud migration is that you will need to have very strong IT support, either in the form of an internal IT department or an external managed service. Since all upgrades and security updates are your own responsibility, or the responsibility of those you delegate them to, you’ll need to know that your team are up to the task. Look for IT support providers that are already experts in virtualisation, such as Netitude.