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  • A few ways in which public sector organisations can boost efficiency and productivity this year

    It is very much the norm for public sector organisations to be subject to all manner of pressures on their resources. This means they regularly have to discover processes that will help them to operate more efficiently – often with an increasingly limited source of funds to back them up.

    However, it’s not implausible that this can be achieved. Here are a few ideas you could try with your own public sector entity.

    Back to basics with good communication

    This doesn’t mean reverting to antiquated systems or processes (which wouldn’t have changed in the first place, had they worked). But instead focusing on how communication is delivered.

    This can make all of the difference. Even when delivering news that is likely to irritate or instigate an annoyed response. When it comes to public services, people generally do appreciate honesty. Even if it’s not what they hoped for.

    And it’s fair to say this alone would be an improvement, considering the backlash the UK government have faced on a range of different issues in the last year. But there’s even more that can be done on the very front line of the public sector, too.

    Whether it’s central or local government, healthcare or education establishments, or even housing development providers, communication can be enhanced. Even with all of this extra scrutiny, and a relentlessly shrinking budget.

    Upgrade without updating

    It’s now possible to completely revamp your existing IT and telecoms network without resorting to an overhaul of the equipment. The flexibility and lower operating costs of technologies, including SIP Trunks and hosted phone systems offer a cost-effective alternative. This is great for organisations that simply don’t have the budget for more costly upgrades.

    Companies that specialise in public sector communications solutions, such as Berkshire-based Gamma, are providing services that tailor themselves to the varying and demanding needs of the public sector workforce.

    Improving the efficiency of communication without damaging budget stability, such upgrades are proving to be value for money in working environments where money has become a scarce resource.

    Embrace the power of AI

    While many people believe that any reduction in public spending is wrong, there are many others who believe the UK public sector is still highly inefficient nonetheless. Thankfully, another way to bolster efficiency and productivity in the public sector this year is to embrace the power of AI wherever possible.

    According to openaccessgovernent.org, 67% of global business leaders are still wary of allowing AI to complete human work. However, this is exactly what makes AI an ideal solution for public sector organisations.

    In areas of work where funding cuts have led to public sector entities having to perform the same volume of work with a significantly lower number of staff, it makes sense to allow as many processes as possible to become automated.

    Replacing as many routine tasks as possible with a digital equivalent gives the staff that you do have more time to focus on delivering the customer service that the demanding UK public deserves.